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    Every astrologer advises to wear a gemstone. When to know that we need a gemstone?

    Individual horoscope influence gemstones. Each person needs a gem according to their horoscope. They are believed to have positive energies that nullify the ill-effects planets that may come in a person’s well-being. With the growing prominence and usage; hence, you should always consult guruji to get gemstones, and Sri Damodhar only advises what is needed.

    Do numbers have the capability to alter the way of our lives? How much accuracy does Numerology have?

    Numerology mysteriously derives energy. It is a compelling and effective way to start your career in something.  Or whenever you are going through a bad phase, this can change the outcome and your present situation then. Almost all the celebrities and politicians use numerology to know their auspicious dates and, on that day, they start with their new beginnings.

    Does the science of astrology work?

    Astrology is the science mixed with knowledge and helped by your beliefs work for your benefit. It is the combination of your understanding and the astrologer’s experience in the process. If you believe that the stars and the planetary positions influence the way you are living, then astrology will help you improve your way of living. It is all about belief; then only it will work positively. Astrology is based on science, and the power of faith helps it. It is the knowledge of the astrologer that will give you positive outcomes, and at Sri Ganapathi Astro we respect and honor your beliefs.

    It is vast concerning the topic of marriage in today’s world. How can Astrology be of help with Kundali, marriage match, and horoscope?

    That is an excellent question. Yes, it is true that people now are experiencing many issues regarding marriage and after marriage situations. Common reasons are, not matching of horoscope and problems with planetary positions of boy and girl, improper Kundali marriage. Get rid of your wedding woes with the best marriage problem-solving astrologer in Bangalore, Pandit Damodhar Rao.

    I’m am buying a house? Why should I consider Vaastu?

    It’s always a good idea to check Vaastu for a new place, especially if it is for your residence. We

    nowadays are more conscious and particular about the Vaastu Shastra, and it is a concept that needs attention as well. This practice is becoming more popular with its increasing benefits of happiness and prosperity. Vaastu is the science that focuses on drawing positive cosmic energy that helps a person to live life with full enthusiasm and achieve his goals.

    How can one person be multi-talented as in he knows horoscope, Vastu, kundali, and every other aspect of astrology? Is he genuine?

    That’s an interesting question. At wonder how one person can perform multiple tasks single-handedly. The job of reading hands and telling the future is not at all easy as it requires in-depth knowledge about the subject and acute precision. His leanings have forefather’s roots, which makes him a genuine astrologer who can be reached at any moment you are in trouble.

    Earlier to name a baby was an easy job. Now it has become complicated with astrology. Is it necessary to consult an astrologer before naming my child?

    Choosing the right name at the right time is of the essence as it is a child’s trademark until the end.

    So, choosing the right name becomes essential. Astrology helps you select the perfect name on checking your child’s Date of Birth and horoscope. With the help of which one can get the maximum benefits of living out of his/her name.

    Does Black Magic exist? If yes, can it be cured?

    It is a type of practice that has a target person who is cruelly taken under control so that his/her life becomes hell. It is a callous deed that one can do. Yes, it works, and some people practice this all over India very carefully so that the person is not caught. Although implementing and practicing such an evil act is illegal, but there is only a handful of Gurujis who can help people during this situation. Pandit Rao is a living example who uses his skill to nullify the power of black magic that is acting upon your loved one. It will get your loved ones out of the shadow of black magic, and he/she will be able to live a healthy life again.

    There are numerous astrologers in the market whom we can afford and avail, why Sri. Damodhar Rao?

    The word trust is small but has a profound meaning, and confidence is built when you work consistently. Panditji has earned the word trust by getting people out of their bad times and helping them achieve their dreams. Hence, numerous clients seek his blessings, including celebrities. This kind of popularity doesn’t come without effective practice. His reputation is not only widespread in Karnataka and Bangalore, but it is spread all over India. For further information, please check the section “Why Sri. Damodhar Rao” above.

    I have always believed that job portals provide Jobs according to the skillset and qualifications, how can an astrologer help me in getting jobs at big MNCs?

    Belief is the first answer to this question. You go for an interview, but there is no surety that one will get the job. It purely depends upon how well you perform in the discussion. It’s your confidence and belief that keeps you going. Just like this, an astrologer will check your position concerning the planets and according to your date of birth as well and then advice on your career choices and job opportunities. Pandit Sri. Damodhar Rao can find any obstacle that may come between you and your job. Accordingly he would also suggest a suitable remedy that will help you overcome the barrier, and you’ll get your desired position in no time.