Property & Legal Disputes

Property buying and marriage are considered to be the top responsible task in one’s life and are of great importance. People usually plan well ahead before the marriage or buying property. Investment in property is normally an intelligent move which marks security and safety of the expenditure. Some people though they have the money will have troubles in buying the property. For some, they will have issues after purchasing certain resources and can incur financial loss. Disputes or troubles in a property usually occur when the 4th house of the birth chart has a wrong placement. Considering the placement it is believed that the person will spend most of the time in Court fighting the legal cases and solving disputes.

Property Dispute Astrology has the all the answers to the problems one are facing regarding Property and Legal Disputes. All the issues are majorly affected by the planet of the 4th house and its positioning. Detailed checking of the horoscope is of utmost importance as Saturn and its positioning has a huge impact on the property. Our famous astrologer in Bangalore, Pandit Acharya Sri Damodhar Rao, will examine the reason and the karmic causes. He also provides suitable remedies and consultation on solving the issue in court or out of court.

With his profound knowledge, our guruji will let you know if you will win the dispute or if you need any compromise or other suggestions. Get the best astrology solution to legal disputes by Sri Pandit Damodhar Rao.