Homa / Puja

Homa is a religious ritual performed through fire is also known as Fire ritual followed by Hinduism, Buddhism and even by Greco-Roman religions. The fire which is called as Agni in Hindu culture is one of the five inert impermanent constituents is a representation of God on earth. It is believed that worshipping God through fire purifies one’s soul. This is because the internal fire responsible for purifying one’s consciousness resonates to the external fire.

Rituals are symbols which serve a specific purpose. They slowly inculcate desired understanding on the consciousness and rid of its conditioning. When a person whose leg is fractured uses a support it may be in the form of a walking stick or a stretcher until he gets fully recovered one focuses the mind on rituals while the consciousness cures of its conditioning. Ritual is like a walking stick or the stretchers.

Maha Ganapathi homa

Mahaganpathi removes deterrents in marriage life and empowers spiritual progress. Itemized homa manual, audio MP3 and video are accessible.

Sri Mahalakshmi Homa

Sri Mahalakshmi gives prosperity in various aspects of life, including spiritual life. Detailed homa manual is available.

Vishnu Homa

Vishnu protects one’s sustenance and dharma and gives spiritual progress.

Sri Krishna Homa

Sri Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu on earth with the fullest manifestation of the abilities of Supreme Cosmic Being

Narasimha Homa

Lord Narasimha is a lion-headed incarnation of Vishnu, who protected great devotee Prahlada. He gives bravery, strength and victory over internal & external enemies.

Hanuman Homa

Lord Hanuman homa helps in dealing with challenges from Saturn.
Normally performed on Saturday as it is considered auspicious day for hanuman.

Shiva Homa

Lord shiva homa ensures serenity by eliminating complex issues Performed on Monday which is auspicious day for Shiva pooja. 

Kaala Bairava Homa

Lord Bairava is believed to remove all fears and mental shackles and makes one completely equitable and blissful.

Chandi Homa

Chandi Homa is performed to destroy our internal living demons like Pride, ego, jealousy, desires, anger

Pandit Acharya Sri Damodhar Rao,is expert in Homa rituals with his profound knowledge advises right type of homas according to your horoscope.

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