Tantra in technical terms means a method, technique, procedure or a followed thesis. It is believed to be have derived from two Sanskrit words ‘tattva’ meaning principle and ‘Mantra’ meaning science of spiritual sounds. It can also be explained as the magical or mystical implementation to enlighten knowledge. It is comprised of all spiritual practices like Pooja, Stotra, Mantra, yoga and yantra. The two mainly divinities worshiped in tantric related issues are Lord Shiva and Shakthi. Astrology and its methods have come a long way being a science to an art form helping us in understanding ourselves. With Tantra mantra specialist Astrologer.

Our outward expressions are mainly a reaction of the thoughts and beliefs that we nurture in our inner world. So our physical and mental stability is a continuous effort of our thoughts and the inner strength that we give to ourselves. Tantra mainly express about the energies of planets on one’s life based on the individual horoscope. Yantra healing is one of the unique type of healing where is there is no medicine or herbs used. It purely works on the mantra chanting and yogis spiritual powers. Mantra healing can heal any type of physical, mental, family, business and all evil effects. Tantra and mantra together is known as Tantra vidya.

Tantra is a geometric diagram made in any metal and there are many types:

•Bagala Mukhi Yanta for enemies’ protection
•Shri Mahalaxmi Yanta for wealth
•Sarsawati yantra for study
•Naag Pash Yantra
•Kuber Yantra
•Navagraha Yanta
•Vastu Devathaa Yantra
•Sarva Raksha Yantra

Tantra yoga expert Sri Pandit Damodhar Rao with his profound knowledge and healing powers prepares yantra according to your planets position.